It's almost June already?

My how time slips by! We've been busy printing new stock, custom orders, and we have ordered two new printers to keep up with demand! On the down side, we suffered our first machine failure. :-( But at least it should be fixed soon.

An eagle-eyed customer (thanks, Bruce!)  noticed that we have the weight of a lot of the Papsikels models incorrect. If you've added them to your cart and grimaced in pain, try again! We've reviewed everything in the store to ensure shipping weights are now accurate.

You may be wondering about the picture! We are adding the wonderful Against The Shadows line of miniatures from RN eStudios! These are classic epic fantasy inspired miniatures! *cough* Perhaps you are thinking of setting a campaign in the Bored of the Rings universe (1969, the authors went on to found National Lampoon)! These are for you! 

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