Tirin - Ash Elf Beast Handler
Mecha.Net Studios
Seer of the Ash Elves
Mecha.Net Studios
from $7.99
Ash Elf Merchant A
Mecha.Net Studios
Velaria - Ash Elf Cleric
Mecha.Net Studios
from $7.99
Ash Elf Merchants
Mecha.Net Studios
Loolea - Wood Elf Ranger
Mecha.Net Studios
from $7.99
Against the hive
LV-427 Circular Hive
Your players will have to deal with the source of the xeno infestation, so give them a memorable location!
Enter the Hive
Reveal your fate
Vadoma the Prophetess
She can tell you the future, but only you can make it true.
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Unique and unusual D&D and Pathfinder Miniatures
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Primal Collectibles

Perfect models for Hero Quest and other adventure board games including props, and busts. Many models available in 32mm and 74mm scales.

MechaNet Studios

We now offer original designs!
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Incredibly detailed and unique creations. Perfect display pieces!
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Ride in style - no matter the genre

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Detailed Rooms for Tabletop Games


Modular and configurable

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