Now available - science fiction / cyberpunk models from Papsikels Miniatures!

Mecha.Net Studios is excited to announce that we have a new merchant agreement with Papsikels Miniatures. Papsikels is a prolific producer of science fiction and cyberpunk themed models, many inspired by pop culture. Their latest releases feature awesome new designs inspired by CD Project RED's new game Cyberpunk 2077. (Which if you haven't played yet, has been getting a lot of patches and is absolutely worth picking up at this stage, especially if you have a next-gen system). you can also find models inspired by Judge Dreadd, Ghost in the Shell, Akira, and the Witcher.

Papsikels also has monthly Fantasy themed releases which have a very unique take on common fantasy tropes as well as Shadowrun models! 

Please check out the Papsikels page for models as we print them out. 

You can find Papsikels online at the below locations. If you see something we don't have printed, let us know! We'll get it added faster than a flashing mono wire!

Papsikels Patreon

Papsikels MyMiniFactory

Papsikels Facebook

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