Zerg Rush of new models coming!

Big announcement!

We are shifting to a print-to-order model! This means that we will be posting new models as they are released by our vendors, rather than waiting until they are printed. This will benefit you, the consumer, by having a much larger selection of models to offer. And this will benefit us by getting products added faster, and reduce stock on-hand.

We will still keep the most popular models in-stock! The downside is that it may take us longer to get models out that are not ordered as often. However, it only takes us a few days to print even the largest models, depending on the order queue.

Continue to read below if you are interested in the factors for this decision.

Our original vision for the business was to have an 'online brick-and-mortar' store. Anything we offer would be on-hand so we could ship out immediately, often same day. We felt this would be great for customers to get orders faster.

For the first six to eight months of operations, this worked out great! We expanded out printer farm, and increased storage and we were able to keep up with new releases. 

The downside to this however, was as our vendors released more and more models - and also more models per month as their success grew - it became harder and harder to keep up. You may have noticed that new models are merely dribbling in. This is because before we could list them, we had to slice, test, print, and package every new design. Things started going out of stock and it became hard to keep the most popular items in stock. Some items we print would literally sell out as fast as we could print them. While this is a great problem to have, it didn't end up getting models to our customers as quickly as we wanted if they were always out of stock.

On top of that, we have our very own line of models almost ready to go, and finding the time to support, print, and test those has proven to be a challenge while trying to keep up with stock.

After much consideration, we decided it was best to go the way most other online printing stores go. It was a great experiment, and we are glad to did this since it allowed us to grow quickly out of the gate - probably more than we otherwise would have. 

Just like in nature, businesses survive by being the most flexible and adaptive- so we are adapting!

If you've read this far, thank you! We hope you will find new and exciting models with the larger selection!

-- The MechaNet Cartel

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