Cryosleep Chamber One

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Cryosleep Chamber One by LV-427

Terrain  suitable for any tabletop war-game, roleplaying game, or simply as a display. This room is similar to what Colonial Marines on the Sulaco would be used to.

These rooms make great and thematic terrain for the Aliens RPG, Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps, Star Trek, Star Wars Legion, Cyberpunk or any other tabletop game! Color received will vary based upon stock.

This is 2x2 standard parts that fit together to make a large Cryo-Sleep chamber similar to what Colonial Marines on the Sulaco would be used to. Two entries make it easy to fit onto your existing complex.

Each part 25-28mm scale model measures 5"x5"x2" (130mmx130mmx65mm) or 10" x 1)' in total. This room comes with two doors and optional door top frames.

This model has been printed in lower layer heights for fine detail. We print in quality PLA plastics for the best resolution, durability, and detail.

LV-427 Designs models are not available on our Etsy store.

Each model has been examined for support and string removal. However, some minor stringing or support material may have been overlooked. 

Miniatures if shown are for size comparison only and are not for sale. Miniatures, if shown, are painted by Mecha.Net Studios and are copyright Games Workshop, Gale Force Nine, or other respective companies.

Mecha.Net Studios is proud to be an authorized reseller of LV-427 Designs. If you don't see what you want in-stock, please inquire. We can print almost everything available from their line and will be adding all the time.

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