Training Master Tom Brown

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Training Master Tom Brown by Papsikels

Space-borne Marine Training Instructor - aka Drill Sergeant - perfect for tabletop games such as Aliens RPG, AGDITC, post-apocalyptic games, or any bug hunt vs. xenomorphs, arachnids, or aliens. Inspired by Starship Troopers. Who doesn't want a Clancy Brown miniature?? Bring it!

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  • 3d printed miniature in resin
  • .03 mm layer height print
  • Base included
  • Simple assembly required

(Note: 25/28mm scale is the scale of games like Another Glorious day in the Corps)

Mecha.Net Studios is proud to be an authorized reseller of the Papsikels Miniatures line of models. If you don't see what you want in-stock, please inquire. We can print almost everything available from their line and will be adding more all the time