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Custom Miniature Printing Service For STL files

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We will print a miniature you have created on any online miniature service, such as Heroforge, Eldritch Foundry, DesktopHero, Anvl, Blender, ZBrush, or collected from a Studio Patreon site. 25mm and 32mm scale files will come with *TWO* models. One to test a paint scheme, modify, or whatever you like. Larger models will one single.

Designs in the pictures are examples only - we cannot sell those prints.

Sizes are based on the default size of the model. We can scale your miniature up as well. Please ask!

After ordering, you can Contact us at in order to send the file, or make alternate arrangements.

Feel free to ask about your design before ordering. Your miniature will be printed in .03mm layer height for fine detail.

Prices vary based (no pun intended) on size. If needed, we will add supports, and test print the miniature. If you aren't sure what supports are, that's no problem - we will ensure your mini is printed well. If you need a special base, please enquire. 

We clean and finish each miniature by hand. However, there may be some small imperfections such as where the support material has been removed or left behind. Some easy finishing such as sanding or light filling may be required.

Resin miniatures are fully cured and non-toxic. They are fragile with very fine details and so should be handled with care. These miniatures are not intended for children.

We reserve the right to ask for verification of purchase or creation if we feel your file may be rights infringing, or you do not otherwise have rights to offer to print. Please do not ask us to scan real models - we have neither the technology nor the inclination to do so.