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Post Apocalyptic Barricades

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Post Apocalyptic Barricades by Txarli Factory BattleBuider Tech are sets of obstacles suitable for any tabletop war-game, roleplaying game, or simply as a display. This piece would make cool scenery for Warhammer 40k, Gaslands (although the scale is large), Fallout Wasteland Warfare, or other tabletop science fiction game. There are 5 Barrel Barricades, and 7 Scrap Barricades in a set, including one long barricade.

These models would work best for 32mm or 35mm games. We will offer scaled down versions soon. 

Color will vary based upon the filament we have on-hand, but will be reasonable for immediate use (black, white, gray, etc.)

This model is IN STOCK and available to ship immediately.

This model has been printed in .1mm layer height for fine detail. We print in quality PLA plastics for the best resolution, durability, and detail.

Miniatures if shown are for size comparison only and are not for sale. Miniatures, if shown, are painted by Mecha.Net Studios and are copyright Games Workshop.

Each model has been examined for support and string removal. However, some minor stringing or support material may have been overlooked. This can be easily removed with a needle nosed pliers, or a hobby knife. PLA drills and cuts just like regular plastic, although it is harder than polystyrene plastics.

PLA, PLA+, and PLA Pro plastics are produced from plant based sources, are non-toxic, and biodegradable within 80-100 years. Not intended for outdoor use, or food use. Models are sensitive to heat and flame. Do not store these models on top of heaters, or use with open flames such as candles.

Mecha.Net Studios is proud to be an authorized reseller of the Battle Builder Tech line of terrain and miniatures by Txarli factory. If you don't see what you want in-stock, please inquire. We can print almost everything available from their line and will be adding all the time.

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