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Doctor Miles Rook

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Doctor Miles Rook by Great Grimoire is a highly detailed 35mm scale 3d printed fantasy miniature. He comes with several bird cages - what could they be for? Something sinister, or benign? Get the good doctor as the perfect NPC for your Call of Cthulhu, or any other table top games!


I always liked doctor Miles Rook. He is not like all the other doctors here. They never actually listen to me but he always does. That piercing glance... there is something peaceful and understanding in his eyes. Everyone else just make me pop another pill but he’s always there to talk to me. We talk a lot. He taught me to listen to birds. He told me there will be a day when a bluebird will come and free me. I believe him - this is why I can spend night and day looking at my barred window. I know this day will come.

I wish could spend more time with doctor Miles but I know he has a lot of things to do. This is why he sometimes locks himself inside his office and works for days on end. I can understand this, he’s an important person here.

Sometimes I call for him at nights but nurses tell me they don’t know anyone by the name of Rook. They also never heard of any Miles around Wicked Hills. Stupid nurses... I know he has so much on his plate right now but he will definitely come to me again. Tomorrow maybe...

Jan. 17th 

Alice journal

This figure is printed in .03 mm layer height for fine detail. This miniature comes with a detailed thematic base included.

We clean and finish each miniature by hand. However, there may be some small imperfections such as where the support material has been removed or left behind. Some easy finishing may be required.

Resin miniatures are fully cured and non-toxic. They are fragile with very fine details and so should be handled with care. These miniatures are not intended for children.

Mecha.Net Studios is proud to be an authorized reseller of the Great Grimoire line of miniatures. If you don't see what you want in-stock, please inquire. We can print almost everything available from their line and will be adding more all the time.

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