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Ilya Muromets by Great Grimoire is a highly detailed 35mm scale 3d printed fantasy miniature. Ilya has two variants - wielding a sword, and presenting a sword.

A heavy burden layed upon a family of a farmer, who lived in a little village near town of Murom. His newborn child Ilya has been suffered from a mysterious illness in his youth. People has been whispering that the farmer somehow evoked the anger of forest spirits which cause his son being unable to move at all. Day and night, he was lying on a stove in his father's house waiting for his time to come.

Thirty three years later, on a bright summer day of Ivan Kupala three vagrant pilgrims turned up in this village. Ilya's parents were out working in the fields while he was lying on the stove, miserable and lonely. Suddenly, he's heard a knock on the door - pilgrims were asking for some water. Ilya yelled at them as he couldn't move but then one of the pilgrims turned at him and told: "Get off that stove and stand up to your legs as you are completely cured!". Then a miracle happened for Ilya not only indeed was able to walk again but also discovered an incredible strenght within himself. Bowed to the pilgrims, he swore to use his great Bogatyr powers to protect his homeland from numerous enemies.

That is how the glorious path of Ilya Muromets begins...

This figure is printed in .03 mm layer height for fine detail. This miniature comes with a detailed thematic base included.

We clean and finish each miniature by hand. However, there may be some small imperfections such as where the support material has been removed or left behind. Some easy finishing may be required.

Resin miniatures are fully cured and non-toxic. They are fragile with very fine details and so should be handled with care. These miniatures are not intended for children.

Mecha.Net Studios is proud to be an authorized reseller of the Great Grimoire line of miniatures. If you don't see what you want in-stock, please inquire. We can print almost everything available from their line and will be adding more all the time.

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