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Immelstar the Soul Eater

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Immelstar the Soul Eater by Signum Workshop is a highly detailed 32mm scale 3d printed fantasy miniature. Immelstar is an amazing sculpt of a corrupted and hideous demon of undeath. use him for a major foe, a devil, a demon, an aberration, even a greater chaos demon! Immelstar is big and comes in several parts, although he is not difficult to assemble. While this model is ostensibly 32mm, it would work well as a larger scale model. Use him for any RPG or tabletop game.

This figure is printed in .03 mm layer height for fine detail. This miniature comes with a detailed 80mm thematic base included.

We clean and finish each miniature by hand. However, there may be some small imperfections such as where the support material has been removed or left behind. Some easy finishing may be required.

Resin miniatures are fully cured and non-toxic. They are fragile with very fine details and so should be handled with care. These miniatures are not intended for children.

Mecha.Net Studios is proud to be an authorized reseller of the Signum Workshop line of miniatures. If you don't see what you want in-stock, please inquire - fit you see something on the My Mini Factory site, we can print it! We can print almost everything available from their line and will be adding more all the time.

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